Join our free weekly wine tasting, every Wednesday, 5-7pm.


Workshop Hours:

Sun, Tues-Thurs 8-8, Fri & Sat 8-9, Mon 8-3

A boutique wine and coffee shop featuring small-batched wine, locally roasted coffee, and fresh baked breads and pastries from our friends at Grit Coffee and Cou Cou Rachou.

Wine in The Workshop

In The Workshop, you can dive deeper into your wine curiosity where you'll find a combination of local winemakers' passion projects and international favorites. With the help of Joy Ting, our consulting winemaker, we are alsoin the process of producing our own small batch wines - which will be available on all of our menus soon. Currently, we have a Blanc de Blancs which was produced in Virginia by renowned winemaker, Claude Thibaut.

Coffee & Pastries

Start your day at The Workshop with locally roasted coffee from Grit Coffee and freshly baked breads and pastries from Cou Cou Rachou. Part of the Wool Factory family, Cou Cou Rachou is the recently launched bakery headed by our Executive Pastry Chef, Rachel De Jong. Stop in for espresso or coffee and specialty breads and pastries available to enjoy in The Courtyard or to take for a morning walk along Moore’s Creek and the nearby Rivanna Trail.

Upcoming Programming

Look for wine, coffee, and other programming in the future!

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